Discover more about what is in the Archives. Explore the archival holdings of the City of Adelaide using this innovative Web-based system that gives you on-line access to those record items that have been catalogued in the Archives' electronic database.

Note that to date approximately 40% of the Archives' holdings have been entered into this system. The remainder, which can be accessed through the Archives paper-based finding aids, is being progressively added to the database as older material is converted from existing systems

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The Adelaide City Council Archives makes digital copies of selected records available for viewing on its website. These are provided for research and study as permitted under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act 1968.

The content of archival material is protected by copyright laws in the same way as other literary or artistic material. The copyright in most documents, photographs and graphical images displayed on this site is vested in the Adelaide City Council, however this should not be assumed.

Where copyright ownership is not vested in the Council, and your proposed use falls outside the fair dealing provisions of the Act, you must obtain clearance from the copyright owner before you make any use of the image.

If you are uncertain about the copyright status of any archival material displayed on this site please contact us and we will assist in establishing, where possible, the rightful owner of the copyright.

You can also find out more about copyright from our Source Sheet Number 6 'What is Copyright' at Copyright PDF, 13.41Kb